Spam Policy

Fighting spam is an ongoing battle for everyone providing services on the Internet.  We are aware that spammers occasionally use the domain name to send unsolicited messages (via spoofing).  Unfortunately, this is fairly common for many sites on the Internet!  Please note that we do not send spam, and are doing our best to locate and shut down the true originators of these messages.  As you can probably appreciate, this is a difficult and ongoing task.  As with all spammers, the sender is using our domain name illegally to mask their true identity when sending you messages.  

If you have received such emails, please follow your site's spam reporting procedures, or refer to spam combat sites like  for suggestions on how best to proceed.  See for additional discussion of how to read email headers in order to find the best place to send complaints. is an example of one site where you can do a reverse lookup of the IP address of the spammer and (sometimes) find a place for sending complaints.  We encourage your email provider to use email domain sender verification as an effective means of reducing much of the spam, and to set your email filters appropriately.  Best of luck - to all of us!

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